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The idea behind RoboTribe Games is to design and build games that are new and different from the many board games around. We want you to feel like you are experiencing something you haven't played before, either through the mechanics, the narrative or the style of play. Two out of three is even better.

We are currently in the final stages of testing for our first board game, the tactical combat game 'Remnant Arena'.


Remnant Arena

Our first game to be lined up for full release, 'Remnant Arena' has been a long time in design and testing. The concept's simple, the theme is strong throughout but also the game has pushed the boundaries of how to make a game both complex and intuitive. It's designed for the more hard core gamer who likes deep strategy and maximum replayability.

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Duel - a combat card game for 2 players

Moving away from complexity (but without sacrificing strategy), we are also working on a relatively simple game 'Duel'.

Each player uses a combination of attack, defence and movement cards to wear each other down and find the right moment to strike. As the fight continues, each fighter begins to tire and their options narrow. Try to get more hits but be careful not to drive yourself to exhaustion. This game is a quick duel between two of three different fighters, each with their own distinctive fighting style, strengths and weaknesses.

Small enough to fit in a tin, this game holds as much depth as you want it to. You can decide to carefully plan each attack, taking into account the cards that your opponent has played so far to find flaws or habits in their technique. Or you can just treat it as a much more interesting game of Rock, Paper Scissors. Whether being used to test your tactical genius against your opponent or to help decide who is going to make the coffee, the choice is yours.

A travel version of the game is currently available here:



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